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Tiger Wallpapers

30 Wallpapers in Collection

Tiger is one of the largest land predators after white and brown bears. It is interesting, that the word “tiger” is derived from the ancient Persian tigri, which means “sharp and quick”.

Leonardo di Caprio Wallpapers

0 Wallpapers in Collection

Leonardo di Caprio, a famous American actor and film producer, was named after Leonardo da Vinci. DiCaprio's career began with filming in commercials and educational films at a very young age.

Airbus Wallpapers

0 Wallpapers in Collection

Airbus is one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world, founded in the late 1960’s through the merger of several European aircraft manufacturers. Airbus produces passenger, cargo and military transport aircraft under the name Airbus.

Boeing Wallpapers

60 Wallpapers in Collection

Boeing is the most popular brand of aircraft in the world, which is owned by The Boeing Company. The Boeing Company is an American corporation, one of the world's largest manufacturers, designers and sellers of aerospace, military and civil equipment, such as satellites, rockets, rotorcrafts and airplanes.

Harley-Davidson Wallpapers

0 Wallpapers in Collection

All fans of motorcycles can get these cool wallpapers depicting the images of famous Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The set of wallpapers has the best models from the most popular manufacturer of bikes.

Sea Wallpapers

109 Wallpapers in Collection

Seascapes are beautiful because they reveal a divine beauty and power of wildlife. View of the sea is amazing, even in bad weather, when the sky is tightened with storm clouds, raging waves crash against the rocks, and the gusty breeze fills the sails of ships.

Earth Wallpapers

10 Wallpapers in Collection

In this collection of wallpapers there are pictures that show how beautiful the Earth is. To download any of the Earth wallpapers just click on the one of the images below.

Wood Wallpapers

40 Wallpapers in Collection

Everybody knows that desktop wallpapers with views of nature help relieve fatigue. Perhaps, the pictures of mysterious wood are the most beautiful natural wallpapers that can be downloaded for a desktop of a computer.

World of Warcraft Wallpapers

0 Wallpapers in Collection

World of Warcraft is a truly a “monster” of online gaming industry. The game developer, Blizzard Entertainment, has created a cult game, an icon, which is prayed for and played by more than 11 million players around the world.

Counter Strike Wallpapers

0 Wallpapers in Collection

There are games that can be played for weeks, and games that can be played for months, but also there are games that can be played for years. Counter Strike is one of these games.

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