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In the era of globalized world and the powerful global information space we all somehow travel every single day of our lives. People buy and sell goods and services from the whole Planet, that’s why products are always in endless trip around the world. But what about us, do we travel enough now days? Surely, we keep in touch with a lot of people all over the world by social networks and travel through the Instagram. But do we travel a lot in a real life?

The only habitable planet for now - our Planet Earth - is fabulous, bright and beautiful. It is so familiar and close to us, but still unbelievable and full of riddles. There still are some incredible places, where no man has gone before. However, the 'studied' places are still amazing too, and will surprise you for sure.

Fabulous tropical Africa, with its fields, mountains and wild animals. Mysterious Asia with their history. Bright Oceania with its colors and South America with many faces. A lot of wonders of the world are built by a man. Unbelievable skyscrapers and churches, pyramids and Venice - there are really a lot to see.

If you don’t have time for this now, you can dream a little bit and plan you travel. You can also install wallpapers with places you want to visit on your PC. That's easy - just try it.

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