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Today almost everybody plays in video games. Their presence in our live is huge. Some people use games to relax after work, some - to have fun. And for some people games and their reality is the second live, in which they spend time not less than in real live.

Game industry started to grow in 1971-73 years with such old game cabinets as Computer Space an Pong. The Magnavox Odyssey started the era of video game consoles. It was a lot of big ups and downs in the game industry before now days. And now the global video game market estimated in over 93 billions dollars. The impact of games on our daily live is beyond controversy. There are films, books and comics, which made based on video games. Fantastically popular are toys for children, which copy the characters from the video games. Costumes and the whole costume parties, dedicated to video games, are quite common too. People are totally addicted to games now days.

That is why it is not surprising, that a lot of people install game wallpapers on their desktop computers. It is really simple to choose one for yourself. Just look over the collection of the best video game covers and try the one that you like. They are fabulous and will take you to an exciting new world - bright, dangerous, beautiful, fantastic and attractive.

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