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From the ancient times the art of cooking was deeply revered in society. From those times cooking has changed a lot, but still retains the old traditions. In the globalized world today cooking traditions from all countries take best qualities from each other to make something really delicious. Huge changes in cooking was in nineteenth and twentieth century. English chips, American burgers, Japanese sushi, Chinese noodles, German sausages, Italian pizza, Ukrainian borsch - all this products are common all over the world now in twenty first century. Cooking generally ceased to be national and became globalized, now blurred boundaries. Surely, this doesn't mean, that cooking won’t be developing in every country. This only mean, that every cook uses the entire international experience, which has been accumulated over a long history.

Same happened with the drinks. All traditions have been mixed in one global world tradition. A few people remember that tea came from China, coffee - from Africa, lemonade - from France and Coca-Cola - from America. People just enjoy this drinks. And sometimes even install their images on their PCs. Its simple here to find a fabulous wallpaper with your favorite food or drink - just look here. And dream a bit.

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