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Cartoons, as well as movies, are integral part of the modern word. And like the cinematograph, animation industry has gone through many stages of development, had a lot of ups and downs. Animation can be divided in four groups depending on the method of creating - traditional animation, stop motion, computer graphics and clay animation.

First steps to make an animation were made even before the Lumière brothers invention of cinematograph. In the 1898 year was made the first puppet animation called The Humpty Dumpty Circus. In the 1914 year Gertie the Dinosaur became a first cartoon character. The first animated feature Еl Apostol was presented in the 1918 year.

It is generally accepted that the most famous cartoon character of all times is Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney first showed this character in the 1928 year in cartoon called Steamboat Willie. After that there were a lot of great and successful characters, which we know - like Tom and Jerry, The Flintstones and Scooby-Doo. The first computer cartoon Toy Story appeared only in the 1995 year. Now days computer cartoons are really common.

Cartoons create a bright fabulous reality, that is why a lot of people choose cartoon wallpapers to install on their PCs. It is really simple here - just choose the one that you like from this selection and it will take you to a funny world.

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