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Most of people now days like beautiful cars. Cars ceased to be only a men's toys, women now love cars even more! Cars have a long and a rich history. First car, Benz Patent-Motorwagen, was built in the 1886 year in Germany by Karl Benz. Nobody believed in cars those times. But since than things have changed a lot! Cars now are integral part of our lives. It is even hard to imagine a street without them.

Cars also have become an object of beauty and an object of technology demonstration. Best designers work for the automotive industry to make them look special. The center of automotive industry have been moved several times - from Europe to US, from US to Europe, from US and Europe to East Asia, and now it is spread through these regions. That is why automotive design become more globalized. However, cars are so different, that is really hard to choose one favorite. There are sport cars, vintage cars, travel cars, super cars, city cars, SUVs, monster cars and even more of them. They are so beautiful in their diversity, that can improve your mood. That is why a lot of people have cars wallpapers on their gadgets or PCs. It is really simple to find a good one here.

Just look at these high resolution cars wallpapers and choose the one that you really like. It can take you to another place - race, highway, seaside or Monte Carlo.

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Pages: 1234567891011121314151617