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Anime gained a huge popularity in today's world. But it was not always. Anime had come a long way from small animation experiments in the beginning of twentieth century in Japan to a world popularity nowadays. Few people know that Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs had influenced on a formation of the modern anime. Osamu Tezuka became the founder of modern anime traditions. He simplified and adapted a lot of Disney's techniques. Main reason for this was his aspiration to limit the number of frames in productions and to reduce costs. But in the end it turned into something much bigger - his own original style, which later have been developed into the legendary genre.

Thereby, anime has huge number of fans in a world today. That is why a lot of people install anime wallpapers on their desktop PCs. It is quite simple to find your favorite wallpaper here in this carefully made collection of desktop images. This collection covers the whole range of anime genres - kodomo (for children's), shōjo (for girls), shounen (for boys) and genres targeting an adult audience. Sometimes its really important to have your favorite characters with you in difficult times.

With such anime wallpapers it is easy as ABC - just choose the one that you like and install it. Good luck!

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Pages: 1234567891011121314151617